The Queen Charlotte Islands Volume 1 1774-1966 By Kathleen E. Dalzell

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The Queen Charlotte Islands Volume 1 1774-1966 By Kathleen E. Dalzell

The exciting history of the little-known Queen Charlotte Islands. Since 1774, when Europeans first encountered the proud and mighty Haida, adventurous men and women have been drawn to this farthest west region of Canada. Some were lured by sea otter pelts, others by whales, gold, fish, forest and fertile land. Many came to live among the Haida as traders, missionaries, teachers and as students of their remarkable culture and unique environment. All came, as we still do today, with a spirit of high adventure. Kathleen Dalzell, the daughter of pioneers on the Charlottes, has grassroots familiarity with her subject. Her lively narrative, extensively researched and laced with "local colour," brings alive the history of these enchanted islands.