The Queen Charlotte Islands, Book 2 - Of Places and Names By Kathleen E. Dalzell

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Kathleen E. Dalzell A sequel to "The Queen Charlotte Islands 1774-1966," this volume is an intimate tour of the mystical Charlottes. Beginning at the northwest tip of the islands, nearly 2000 features are presented in geographical sequence. Thus the reader may journey in a natural progression around the more than 150 islands which make up the group. For the spot reader, an extensive index enables quick reference to any location, and the many detailed maps assist in pinpointing the sites mentioned in the text. Legends and the author's personal glimpes into events associated with the place names lend warmth and excitement. Here are thoroughly researched accounts of the little-known raising of a 28-foot Spanish cross in 1792 by Jacinto Caamano, life in ancient Haida villages, shipwrecks and the vanished dreams of early settlers. Hardy fisherman, loggers, and ever-optimistic prospectors swarm through the pages, as do surveyors, hydrographers, geologists and anthropologists. A wealth of historical fact and romance invite the reader of this companion volume to discover these fascinating islands.