The Gassy Lass By Lex Forbes

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Snuff is a lonely Scottish skunk living in a stump. Under the pretense of friendship, the Gassy Lass visits Snuff and tricks him into leasing his land for oil. With his home ruined, Snuff shows the Lass how to be compassionate towards the environment, and towards the creatures living within it. In the process of working together, they learn the value of community and friendship. Together with some new animal friends, they show the world how to live in harmony with the natural environment.

For parents and teachers:
This inspiring children’s book raises awareness of environmental exploitation, climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Children learn how to simultaneously be kind and compassionate towards the environment, and towards others with different ideas. This journey of discovery and reconciling highlights the need for connection between people and their environment. The story also teaches of the need for community, collaboration, and cooperation in problem solving.