The Frog- Print On Canvas By Norma Rose Benoit

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24" x 18" x 2"

The Native symbol for the frog symbolizes wealth and abundance. When a frog is portrayed in art with his tongue touching another creature, it represents the sharing of knowledge and power. Many native cultures believe that frogs prevent loss. The Haida also carved frogs on their house posts in the belief that the frogs would prevent the posts from falling down

Norma Rose Benoit (Pryce)

I am of full Haida descent and grew up on Haida Gwaii. My main crest is the Eagle. Because my great grandfather, Louie Collinson was Chief Skidegate, who then passed it to Dempsey Collinson, who was my mother’s brother, I can also wear the Killer Whale, the grizzly bear, the frog and the raven as well as the hummingbird. My father Norman Price is a well-known master carver as well as my brother Randy Pryce.

I am a self-taught artist. I have done a lot of research in composition, colour, light and shadowing. I have always had an interest in art but never thought about painting until 2002. I became more serious in 2012 and haven’t looked back. I pain acrylic of whatever inspires me. Although I paint in many different subjects, I am fortunate to have a Haida background with such a rich culture to pull from. I am mobbing more and more into pulling from that in a different style of painting.