Stunning Hand Felted Mushroom Forest Scene By Shiela Karrow

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Sheila’s paintings communicate both a literal and metaphorical understanding of the natural world. She strives for an intimate connection with the subject yet also reveals the unknowable reality of such a form. Her carefully rendered images in acrylic and watercolour illustrate the intensity and interconnectedness of life. The soil is filled with details of roots and new plants; and in looking deeper, one can see an abstraction of form.

“I am interested in the invisible line between land and sea. The soil, rocks, plants and animals that genesis in forest loam, share their existence with the life below the water surface. The space between land and sea tells us about ourselves. Our oceans mirror the place of society; they tell us about changing temperatures and petroleum use. The ocean holds the secrets to the future of the planet.”

21"x 26"