Size 7-7.5 14k Gold Adjustable Wide Wrap Ring With Mosquito Motif By Alfred Davidson Of Massett

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Alfred William Harley Davidson IV, Haida Artist

Alfred Davidson was born and raised in the village of Masset BC on Haida Gwaii BC, June 14th, 1992.

The Haida are a matrilineal people, like his mother Alfred is from the T'saahl Laanaas eagle clan of Masset BC. Alfred comes from a long line of traditional Haida artists on both his father and mother’s side. Alfred grew up in his father’s carving room, observing, and learning the rules of Haida art and Cedar carving and Argillite. This helped Alfred during Haida language and art classes in Elementary and High School.Alfred also learned Haida art from reading books and experimentation.Alfred does traditional Haida formline art works in multimedia such as designing, painting, wood carving, metal engraving, regalia making. Alfred mixes traditional designs with no tradition colors and he is always apply traditional work to new mediums.

In 2012-2014 Alfred apprenticed under well-known Haida artist Lyle Campbell in this apprenticeship. Alfred learned more on traditional Haida formline design and painting and wood carving. Alfred also had some mentorship under the master carver Robert Davidson where he learned how to design.

Alfred has attended many art institutions such as the Freda Diesing School Of Northwest Coast Art,Native Education College, Emily Carr University Of Art & Design and the Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs Program For Artists,