"Kun" Humpback Whale Print By lljuuwaas -Tyson Brown of Skidegate

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"whale rises from the sea

takes a breath

captures me

fin shines

tail lifts

slipping back -

a fleeting gift.

"Kun" (Whale)"

by Iljuuwaas/ Tyson Brown Limited Edition Serigraph Print Edition of 80

30" x 16" 2023

In Xaayda Kil (the Southern Haida language), the word for baleen whale is, "Kun". Humpback, grey, and fin whales are a common sight around Haida Gwaii and thrill all who encounter them.

A healthy population of whales is a reflection of a healthy marine ecosystem. Whales contributeto environmental health by increasing primary production, capturing and storing atmospheric

carbon, and by providing nutrients to a wide variety of sea life upon death. In Haida philosophy,all living beings are considered equal and I am happy to be thought of on par with suchmagnificent creatures.

"Kun" is also the word for "point" or "bump" in Xaayda Kil. In this design, I've chosen to have the whale's dorsal fin (point/bump) breaking the water's surface in reference to this duality in meaning. The design elements in the light green area around the whale imply movement in the water and the prevailing ocean currents. I've used single line hatching to represent baleen in the whale's mouth and cross-hatching as the air bubbles released as it dives. The colour pallet was chosen to reflect the various colours and tones of the ocean. My intention with this print is

to honour Kun.

- lljuuwaas, 2023