Haida Box Of Knowledge Guidance From Supernatural Sisters By Gid7ahl-Gudsllaay Lalaxaaygans-Terrri-Lynn Williams

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The Haida Box of Knowledge features Haida Gwaii’s female Supernatural Beings, epic figures in the Haida Nation’s oral narratives that have been passed down for millennia. These 34 oracle cards by Terri-Lynn Williams- Davidson are an interpretation based on her long-standing study of the Supernatural Beings, and re-introduces them to new generations and audiences to enjoy and learn from. Each card shares wisdom and laws that help to reinforce a worldview that the natural environment and our intuitive connection to earthly and metaphysical realms are sacred.

The stunning photography on the cards integrates traditional Haida artwork by Robert Davidson and features female Supernatural Beings such as White Raven, Cedar Sister, Butterfly Woman, Frog Woman and Ice Woman.

The accompanying guidebook helps you to use the cards in suggested spreads, and connects you to each Supernatural Being and the wisdom available through her attributes. This unique deck will appeal to audiences of all ages who appreciate First Nations history and culture.

The guidebook has been written with both youth and elders in mind, and aims to educate and inform as well as entertain its audience. The design and production of this book are influenced by the care and craftsmanship found in Haida art and culture, making the product a unique gift and special keepsake.