Dorothy Grant Mobile 22 Bags

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Dorothy’s garments have been described as a site of intersection. They are a creative space
where fashion meets Haida art, myth and history. Like art, fashion should not be stagnant, but
be constantly moving to convey a contemporary culture.


DG New Mobile bag 22 with “Healing Hands” Logo


This beautiful leather bag is embossed with Dorothy’s signature “Healing Hands” Logo.
This is an everyday bag that is versatile enough for evening engagements as well as
everyday use and is roomy enough for your cell phone and other items.

“The Haida are in harmony with nature and believe the hands are connected to the mind
and heart,” Dorothy explains. “The palms have human faces that represent creativity
and healing by which the artist communicates. The hands reflect the creative spirit

Pebble grain leather is a high-quality leather made from the thickest part of the hide
which adds to its natural strength, durability and quality. If you take care of your pebble
grain leather bag, it should give you decades of use and retain its beauty.

The colours are: