Dorothy Grant Hand Motif Silk & Wool Shawl

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“The Haida are in harmony with nature and believe the hands are connected to the mind
and heart,” Dorothy explains. “The palms have human faces that represent creativity
and healing by which the artist communicates. The hands reflect the creative spirit
within.” The DG “Healing Hand” Logo design repeats throughout the shawl with a wide
border framed with a black fringe.

Jacquards are intricate in design and tend to be stronger and thicker than many other
types of weaves. The hallmark of Jacquard fabrics is that the design is woven into the
fabric itself with a Jacquard loom with the negative of their pattern found on the back. It
is light enough for summer wear but warm enough for an autumn evening.

The colours are:



Jacquard fabric – Woven silk and wool


56” (L) x 56” (W)