Diamond Quill Earrings By Katrina Husband

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Katrina Husband

My name is Katrina Husband, and I am an artist and educator. Haida Gwaii has been my home since birth, even when I travel away for sort pieces of time. Although my heritage is Gitxsan and settler nations Haida Gwaii has always been home. Growing up there has influenced my art, cultural identity, and heightened my appreciation of the natural world. I am the mama of two boys, and they are my best work to date. I was taught at a very young age how to do bead and textile work by my artist Auntie Sugiit Lukxs (Yolonda Skelton) of the Gitxsan nation who has always been a mentor throughout many stages of my life. Most recently my beadwork accompanied her fashion line named Earth to Earth, at the SWAIA Shiny Drop Fashion Show 2022 in Santa Fe, New Mexico for their centennial celebration. Kiowa Gordon, who worked on the movie Twilight and TV show Dark Winds, and actress Jessica Matten also of Dark Winds modelled some of our work for this event. I am looking forward to other collaborations we have planned for this fall and winter. 

 My paternal grandmother was also a self-taught jewelry artist who worked primarily with stones found on Haida Gwaii. My parents and extended family have always supported my love of everything art related, and even as a child were willing to put up with the creative chaos that often resulted from trying something new.  I am grateful for the many traditional and contemporary teachings I have received along the way from my community, my family and beyond.

This year my work was part of the Beaded Nostalgia Exhibit at the Bill Reid Gallery in Vancouver, BC.