Carsen Gray Xaayda Christmas Volume 1

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Xaayda Christmas Volume 1

A four Song CD that features:

-Amazing Grace

-Silent Night

-Little Drummer Boy

-First Noel

50 miles off the coast of mainland British Columbia, you’ll find Haida Gwaii. This collection of islands serves as home to just shy of 5,000 residents who all contribute to its quiet magic. Seemingly removed from the rest of the world, yet intrinsically connected to its rawest essence, Carsen Gray calls this place home. Born of Haida Indigenous and mixed descent, the award-winning singer and songwriter commutes the peace of her surroundings into a soulful sound spiked with R&B energy, pop universality, and a twist of local spirit. After making waves across Canada, she introduces herself to the world on her 2022 debut EP for Nettwerk Music Group.
“It’s very chill, beautiful, laidback, and peaceful,” she says of her home. “The people are nice and welcoming. We all support one another and cheer each other on. Because of where I’m from, I feel like I was able to come out with such a warm project. We’re in a safe little place up here. I’m proud of my heritage, where I come from, and the land I live on.”

This collection of Christmas songs is part of a large project so keep your eyes open for volume 2.