9x6" Cobalt Tray With Two Whales By Jude Hardcastle

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Jude Hardcastle

Castle Pottery, Terrace, BC

      I was first introduced to clay work in a weekend workshop held in Prince Rupert in 1975. Some buddies and I co-built a big cookie jar from clay coils.  I quite enjoyed the feel of clay and later took lessons from Eva Bebington at her pottery studio, The Centering Place in Terrace.

      I set up my own pottery studio in the basement of my home and have two Skutt kilns and two Shimpo wheels. I enjoy both throwing on the wheel and hand building.

      I give lessons to adults, one on one. It's satisfying sharing my love and knowledge of pottery with others.

      I sign my pottery with a heart with 2 wave symbols coming off the right side.  This is because I was born on Valentine’s Day which is in Aquarius, the wave symbol being the zodiac symbol for Aquarius. 

      Find my Castle Pottery page through Google and Face Book to view photos of the pottery I have posted and  if you want, send me messages.