20 Inch Eagle Drum By Derek Edenshaw

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20"  hand made and hand painted drum Eagle , by Derek Edenshaw. The drum has a good tone,

Derek Edenshaw ( Kils Guula Gaayas )is from the GakYalsKigawaay or Raven Clan from GrizzlyBear Town ( Skedans ). He is also half Metis from the Calihoo peoples in Alberta which is a mix of Cree and the Mohawk known as the Iroquois traveller's.

He is a lifelong student of Haida culture which he credits to his parents  who had him singing and dancing in the Rediscovery and Claude Davidsons DanceGroups in the early 80s.  He credits his late Mother Leona Edenshaw [ Squee ] and his Gaagi Guuj as his main inspirations in a life of understanding his Haida peoples history , present and future.

He has since ventured into the world of Politics having sat on numerous organizations such as C.H.N. , U.B.C.I.C and B.C. AFN but he burst into the international spotlight as a youth activist with the Native Youth Movement in the early 2000s.

He has also developped a reputation as a hip Hop artist and television host/producer having released numerous cds , music videos and television programs under the alias Manik.   He has traveled far and wide spreading a message of Aboriginal empowerment , cultural revitalization with  reminder that our existe.ce is a reminder that the church and states attempts to eliminate our peoples was a failed attempt at destroying somethings that will be forever.