10"x11" Hummingbird Print By April White Of Masset

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A member of the Trochilidae Clan, Dakdakdiyáa-Hummingbird, a Haida Eagle crest, is notable by its long graceful pointed beak in the presence of flowers. They announce readiness for flight with an iridescent shimmer, and then the hum and blur of wings. They can hover and deftly fly in any direction
-forward, backward, and even upside down. This unique ability eases travel between the natural and the supernatural worlds.
Stories tell of high-born women arriving at feasts with live hummingbirds tethered to their hair to proclaim
their beauty, wealth, prestige and close connection with the supernatural world. These diminutive beings energetically transform sunlight into spectrums of colour-they are dynamic rainbows.
Sheltering close its mother's breast, this hatchling with it's beak open wide, anticipates nutriment of flora nectar, sap, and insects.