1 Inch Sterling SIlver Raven Bracelet By Alvin Adkins

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Alvin Adkins is one of the foremost Northwest Coast First Nations jewellery carvers. His silver and gold work is distinguished by fluid forms that are deeply carved. Adkins' work is always creative, often using multiple animal forms to fill the space of the jewellery. 

Adkins started his career as an artist in 1971 and has been counselled by distinguished colleagues that include Bill Reid, Freda Diesing, Robert Davidson, Dempsey Bob and Don Yeomans.

Celebrated for his quality gold and silver jewellery, he is also a talented argillite and wood carver. His silkscreen prints also underscore his attention to detail and imaginative approach to design. 

In 2010, Alvin received the esteemed British Columbia Achievement Award for the First Nations Art. In 2013 he was commissioned to carve an 18kt gold bracelet for the Vancouver Opera. With a two-inch width, it is the largest bracelet Alvin has carved to date. To honour this achievement, he included the four main crests of the Haida: Eagle, Raven, Killer Whale and Wolf.

Alvin is one of the many Haida artists who, through maintaining the traditional Haida carving style, is preserving his heritage for future generations.