Artist of the Week

Garner Moody Skidegate

Clan: Gaagyals KiiGawaay of Skedans (Raven)

Garner was born in Prince Super but adopted by Lloyd and Muriel Moody of Skidegate which makes him the nephew of Esteemed artist Rufus Moody. He grew up in Skidegate and started carving at the age of 9, eventually working under artists such as Alfred Collison, Rufus Moody, Giitsxaa (Ron Wilson),Nelson Cross, Ding (Melvin) Hutchingson and Bill Reid. Garner works in various mediums including gold, silver, argillite,cedar and paper. Garner Moody along with Anthony Greene and Billy Bellis, carved the Ts'aahl Pole that in now outside the Haida Heritage Center. Garner has developed his own distinctive style through constancy in the execution of the Haida formaline.

October 13, 2020 — Lynn Hughan

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