Two Sizes - Sterling Silver Cut-Out Killer Whale Ring By Norman Bentley

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Norman Bentley

Norman Bentley was born in 1968, in Skidegate located on the island of Haida Gwaii along the Northern Coast of British Columbia. He is a member of the Haida Nation, and takes the Eagle, seen as a symbol of both power and prestige as his predominant family crest. At the age of twelve, Norman began to carve small pieces from wood. In 1988, at the age of twenty, Norman began his jewelry training at the prestigious, Tony Cavelti Jewelry Apprenticeship Program utilizing precious and semi-precious metals.

Norman was largely supported by family, friends and received a great deal of encouragement from internationally acclaimed Haida artist, Bill Reid. After gaining a great deal of knowledge in the technique basics and unique design concepts he completed his four-year apprenticeship and embarked on perfecting his designs in the traditional Haida style. In addition to his formal training, renowned Haida artist Bill Reid passed on his support and knowledge to help Norman become proficient in design.

Norman is known for his cut-out style of engraving and for this reason his jewelry is sought after by many international collectors. In September 2001, Norman’s rings were featured in In Style Magazine, which declared his rings as ‘must-haves’ upon visiting Vancouver. He is the only artist to produce a distinct and unique style of jewelry engraving where his incisions are deep and his images are fully cut-out within the piece of jewelry.