Sgaana Saahlhaan Sdings By Cori Savard

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21x30 Edition of 125


Sgaana Saahlann Sdings means Two Finned Killer Whale. The imagery in this print focuses on the two dorsal fins. Attached to the body of the whale , they have no control over their direction or destination. The thin lines around the design represent the spray and the water that rolls off the body of the whale as it emerges from the depths to take a breath. With this new energy, it continues its journey, facing an ever-changing ocean landscape.

The first dorsal fin represents the discomfort and apprehension that comes with the unexpected changes in our lives. It braced itself for the next wave, the next plunge, engaging in a losing battle against the momentum of the whale. The thin lines between the dorsal fins form teeth, creating a mouth which represents a shared experience and a shift in our mindset. The second dorsal fin represents acceptance, resilience, and the positive energy that follows our ability to adapt. Once we recognize our apprehension, we are free to challenge it. To seek the positive within the negative and move forward with renewed energy.