Round Argillite Wolf Pendant

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3.5cm in Width - Round Argillite Wolf Pendant By Masset Haida Carver Myles Edgars

Born 1958, Queen Charlotte City Haida Gwaii, Myles Edgars is an established Haida artist who started carving at the age of 1. He learned to make his own tools for carving from the late Richard Yeltatzie, an established Haida artist.Edgar’s primary influence for making a career from carving was the mentorship he received from his brother-in-law, Haida carver Steven Collinson. Edgars carves in wood, silver and gold, but is best known for his work in argillite, a unique stone found only on Haida Gwaii. Myles has developed a unique design of his own and has become well known for that elegant and smooth style in this amazing stone.