Boat Camping Haida Gwaii by Neil Frazer

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The Pacific Coast has long attracted adventurers, explorers and environmentalists. From the early beginnings of coastal voyaging, which began with Native paddlers in large canoes and foreign explorers under sail, to modern travellers in kayaks, skiffs and private yachts, exploration has always been an integral part of life on the coast. Boat Camping Haida Gwaii, written by a modern-day explorer with environmental interests, is a practical guide for coastal explorers interested in a weekend off-shore adventure or a major expedition to remote and wild areas. With information on ancient native settlements, hidden campsites and everything in between, Boat Camping Haida Gwaii offers a fascinating - and comprehensive - look at the wild beauty of the Queen Charlotte coast.

Boat Camping Haida Gwaii is the definitive guidebook for people interested in camping by boat. The book features a wide range of detailed maps of the Queen Charlotte coast, along with numerous photographs, offering a clear sense of the geography - and the majesty - of the area. Detailed descriptions are given of each campsite and special appendices are provided with helpful hints on bear safety, tides and currents. The book also contains information about the history and culture of the Haida, the indigenous people of the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Intended to serve primarily as an on-board reference, the book can be opened flat, and used in conjunction with the Global Positioning System (GPS) and chart references. Its compact size ensures the book can easily fit in kayak cockpit storage sleeves, or tossed in a backpack for day trips. It fits perfectly in zip-lock storage bags for waterproof protection.

This guide's comprehensive information will be valuable to kayakers, canoeists, those in small motorboats and everyone interested in exploring this unique area. Yachters and sailors willing to go adventuring in their skiffs will also find this guide helpful in exploring Haida Gwaii -- as will armchair adventurers.