Beautiful Cross Pattern Naxiin Woven Bag By Skidegate Weaver Dolly Garza

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16cm in length x 8cm in width with 30cm at nape cord

Artist Statement

I am a Haida/Tlingit weaver and a textile artist. I weave spruce root baskets and hats, cedar bark, and wool ravens tail and Chilkat. I also sew Haida/Tlingit designs on fabric scarves, collars, etc. using applique.


I was born in Ketchikan Alaska and moved to Canada about 10 years ago.

I love weaving spruce roots, the harvesting and processing and turning them into something beautiful. I am fortunate to live where good spruce roots are available.

I have loved sewing since I was a child and used to stand and watch my mom create our clothes on her old singer. I enjoy making usable art.

Ravens Tail and Chilkat weaving are both a challenge and take time. Creating cultural regalia and usable pieces that will be used is magical.